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Well I had started a blog about the 11th annual Wahine Contest, however,something ironic happened which caused me to change my mind. Don’t misunderstand me,the contest was great and I had a really good time. It was so nice to see everyone and make some new friends. It was what happened the day after that made me change my mind about writing a blog dedicated to the contest. Many of you know why the contest began in the first place,and many of you probably think it’s just another contest. The contest began as a way to bring girls and women together due to the loss of a surfer girl. She committed suicide and fortunately something great came out of her death, the East Coast Wahine Championships which is an awesome way to fellowship. It’s too bad Jamie Lynn Melbon wasn’t able to grasp another type of fellowship and hang on just a little longer in order to let the darkness pass. I guess she just couldn’t go on and it’s ironic that she killed herself the day after the Wahine contest. She was 39 years old and loved by many.

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  1. Wow. I didn’t know Jamie, but I am very sad to hear that. How tragic, especially on the day after the Wahine.


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