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2007 East Coast Wahine

The 11th Annual East Coast Wahine Championships is over, thanks so much to everyone for coming out and having a great time! We had some fun waves. It was windy, which kept us cool and kept a bump in the water. Results are posted below. Congratulations to all our finalists!
Photos are online now
Thanks Ken Blevins and family for continuing to be here year after year to photograph and participate.

Photos from Local-Sessions
More photos are coming soon…



Results of the 11th Annual East Coast Wahine Championships
August 18-19, 2007 Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

Advanced Shortboard (18 and under)
1. Keenan Lineback- SC
2. Leilani Pickett- NC
3. Jassett Umbel- FL
4. Sarah Pfeiffer-PA
5. Christine Walker- NC

Grommette Shortboard (13 and under)
1. Brittney Hickey-NJ
2. Allison Parks- VA
3. Darsha Pigford- NC
4. Madison Huckabee- NC
5. Samantha Newkirk- NC
6. Zoey Silvey- NC

Girls Shortboard (14-18)
1. Rachel Nessuno- NJ
2. Carly Eldred- NC
3. Alyssa Horner- NC
4. Kate Easton- VA
5. Airlie Pickett- NC
6. Monica Chase- NC

Junior Women Shortboard (19-27)
1. Jessica Stable- NC
2. Eileen O’Connor- NC
3. Leanne Foster- NC
4. Jeanne-Marie Destefano- NC
5. Liz Hauser- NC
6. Perng Chen- SC

Women Shortboard (28-38)
1. Jessica Delosreyes- NC
2. Anne Weber- WA
3. Erin Whittle- NC
4. Jennifer Butler- NC
5. Crashley Barnes- NC
6. Kristin Kornegay- NC

Goddess Shortboard (39 and over)
1. Mindy Fitzpatrick- NC
2. Terry Green- NC
3. Beth Schub- NC
4. Jo Pickett- NC
5. Margaret Haga- NC
6. Barbara Corey- NC

Novice( all ages)
1. Jen Nau- NC
2. Amy Blythe- NC
3. Johanna Ferebee- NC
4. Christine Matthews- NC
5. Rachel Callahan- NC
6. Madison Ashcraft- NC

Girls Longboard (15 and under)
1. Kate Easton- VA
2. Keenan Lineback- SC
3. Allison Parks- VA
4. Airlee Pickett- NC
5. Alyssa Horner-NC
6. Rachel Nessuno- NJ

Jr. Women Longboard (16-24)
1. Leilani Pickett- NC
2. Caroline Orli- NC
3. Regina Foster-VA
4. Carly Eldred- NC
5. Janie McAuliffe- NC
6. Christine Walker- NC

Women Longboard (25-38)
1. Rebecca Bennett- NC
2. Erin Whittle- NC
3. Eileen O’Connor – NC
4. Laura Peirano- SC
5. Kristen Kornegay- NC
6. Shannon Sommers- NC

Goddess Longboard (39 and up)
1. Mimi Munro- FL
2. Jo Pickett- NC
3. Natalie Glenn- NC
4. Mindy Fitzpatrick- NC
5. Beth Scub- NC
6. Margaret Haga- NC

Girls Bodyboard (under 18)
1. Rachel Nessuno- NJ
2. Brittney Hickey-
3. Kate Easton- VA
4. Christine Walker- NC
5. Sarah Pfeiffer- PA
6. Keirra Beitel- NC

Women Bodyboard (over 18)
1. Shea Lindon- NC
2. Jenny Owens- NC
3. Karen Wilson- NC
4. Ocean Priselac- NC
5. Paula Bushardt- NC
6. Anne Weber- WA

Congrats to our lucky raffle winners too!

The Board-Greta Hesmer

The Bike-Trevor Price

The Hammock-Samantha Newkirk

The Pink Flamingo-Regina Fisher

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