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2010 East Coast Wahine

Great event everyone! Congrats to all our finalists! Thanks to all our beach crew, volunteers, and sponsors! We couldn’t do it without you.

Check out photos by Ken Blevins and results below! You can comment and add names too. If you are interested in purchasing a hi-res image just let me know, anne at east coast wahines dot com

Awesome new photos, just in! A big thank you to Ed Potter for spending the day in the sun. You will need to click here and use the password ecw2010 to view photos. If you are interested in purchasing a cd of photos, you can for $25.

Eastern Surf Magazine article about the wahine

Official Results

Open Shortboard 18+
1. Leilani Pickett
2. Jo Pickett
3. Liz Hauser
4. Chandler Von Cannon
5. Elizabeth Francis
6. Jess Dinardo

Jr. Women Shortboard Final
1. Chandler Von Cannon
2. MT Borque
3. Alyssa Horner
4. Molly McCray
5. Savannah Rogers
6. Ladon McClary

Jr. Bodyboard Open
1. Kirra Beital
2. Elizabeth Head
3. Abby D’Lugin
4. Lizzie Baer
5. Lizzie Goughnour
6. Tori Baer

Jr. Women Longboard
1. Ladon McClary
2. Chandler Von Cannon
3. MT Bourque
4. Alyssa Horner
5. Morganne McIntyre
6. Savannah Rogers

Girls Longboard
1. Madison Ashcroft
2. Nina Long
3. Madison Huckabee
4. Marguertie McClary
5. Abby D’Lugin
6. Savannah Huckabee

Girls Shortboard
1. Madison Huckabee
2. Molly McCray
3. Carly Gee
4. Marguertie McClary
5. Danielle Cleary
6. Micaela Cleary

Grommette Shortboard
1. Emory McClary
2. Julia Eckel
3. Carly Carter
4. Malia Spear
5. Annagrey Lassiter
6. Savannah Huckabee

1. Brooke Reece
2. Hannnah Brigham
3. Madelian Eckel
4. Kathryn Neff
5. Taylor Alexander
6. Emma Baltezore

Wilmington Star News article about this year’s event.

Wrightsville Beach Surf Cam closest to the contest


Check out the photostream for this year’s contest! All you need is Adobe Flash player or Cooliris


And thanks to all our sponsors, click on their links and visit them!

Indo Jax Surf School

Uhuru Surfboards

Billabong Girls

Twin Fin Surf Promotions

Betty Belts

Girls 4 Sport

South End Surf Shop

Eastern Surf Supply

Hot Wax Surf Shop

The Fresh Market

Sweetwater Surf Shop

Bosemans Sporting Goods

Aussie Island Surf Shop

Tierney Screenprinting

Double Wide Skate and Surf

Blue Wave Dentistry

17th Street Surf Shop

Outer Banks Hammocks

Wilmington Athletic Club

Surf City Surf Shop


Smith Optics

CB Surf Shop

Matunas Wax

Berts Surf Shop

Dr. Skip Tyson

Crystal South Surf Camp


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12 Responses

  1. My name is Elizabeth Barnes and I represent Women of Hope located here in Wilmington. Our organization is founded to support women with all cancers and their families. Our mission is provide support services, education, fellowship and mentoring programs. We are very interested in this event! We would like to talk with someone about possible sponsorship, providing a locally made surfboard to raffle or some other means of support and awareness. REcently, WECT has provided coverage on us as well as the StarNews. You may call 392-7178 and please visit our website @ Look forward to hearing from someone. Thank you.

  2. What? What happened to the all ages ECW tournament?! Everybody looks forward to this women’s surfing event. Please explain.

  3. Hey Chris,
    Thanks for asking. I know a lot of you all will be bummed out this year- but basically what’s happening is we are having a transitional year. At first I thought there might not be a wahine, but then local surf school owner Jack Viorel stepped up to the plate to take on the director position. I’m due with my second daughter the first week of August, so I’m basically out of commission and Lisa Andree just could not do this event alone. Anyway, in order for Jack and Lisa to be able to take the event on, it was my suggestion to reduce it to a one day event just for 2010- which of course gives us timing issues- since we’ve had such a major influx of guppies in the past three years, I suggested showcasing the young ones this year. I do apologize to everyone for this decision, but the choice was between no event or a one day event. Two years in a bad economy has really effected our finances and it’s been a struggle to get sponsors and even just people to donate their time to help organize. Every one wants to come to the event and have a good time, but it takes a slew of volunteers to make it happen, and we just aren’t getting the kind of help we have had in the past. That said, I’m hoping everything will return to normal in 2011! We have a lot of returning sponsors, and our local surf shops and businesses are stepping up. Now if we can just get some surfer gals to donate their time, we can show these little girls a great time!
    Anne Beasley Weber
    East Coast Wahines

    anneMay 27, 2010 @ 7:41 pm
  4. I think this is a fantastic idea—to showcase the young ones—they are our future–I will do my best to be there to help out and cheer—and get some of my young gal students out there!

    MartyJune 1, 2010 @ 5:27 pm
  5. Hey Marty! Thanks for the support. We are hoping to gather up some judges/tabulators that could donate 2-3 hours of their time that day- if you know of any….hint hint!

    AnneJune 3, 2010 @ 4:51 am
  6. My two daughters entered for the first time last year and loved it. They will be there again this year. I’d be happy to help out if you need me.

    Tom ClearyJuly 13, 2010 @ 8:31 pm
  7. How disappointing!!!!! It’s true that it’s a nice idea to showcase the guppies but it’s also really just an excuse to shaft half of the event. What a shame that no one would volunteer to pull it off. This is such a let down for what is usually such a great contest.

    Sad WahineAugust 3, 2010 @ 5:48 am
  8. We did open up an Open Shortboard Division for 18 and over, so its not just for the little kids any more! It’s a HUGE task to pull this event off, like planning a wedding every year. It’s not just the volunteers that make it happen, but the actual financial support from surf industry/local businesses, etc. It’s been a tough few years as I know everyone realizes. I’m just thrilled we are able to have the event period- thanks to Jack Viorel of Indo Jax for stepping up to the plate- all decisions regarding number of days and divisions were mine- so any upset peeps all I can say is apologies, hopefully next year, and maybe put your energy into helping us pull this thing off!

  9. i’ll be able to judge and tabulate for you. see you there! when is check-in?

    barbara coreyAugust 9, 2010 @ 12:22 pm
  10. We need to add DaKine to the list of sponsors Please.
    Looking forward to Sun with lots of young talent and excitement!

  11. When are the pictures going to be up?

  12. I’m working on it! Ken Blevins, our photog, has sent me some images. I’ll get them up asap. I just had a baby 10 days ago, so I’m a little distracted 🙂

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