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sheenabeancrop.jpgAloha! My name is Sheena and I’m writing this blog from the island of Oahu in beautiful Hawaii. I guess I should make this a little introduction so everyone reading this can get to know me. I am originally from northeast North Carolina (near the Outer Banks) and went to college at UNC Wilmington. I got married after my sophomore year and then moved out here to Hawaii with my husband, Austin, who is in the Coast Guard. We have been out here for about two years now and we love it.

I started surfing when I was 14-years-old in the Outer Banks, but didn’t really paddle out regularly until I was 16. I definitely had a hard time learning both because I lived about 45 minutes from the ocean, and because I am the only person in my family (and of my friends at the time) who surfed. Once I moved to Wilmington when I was 17, I became a member of the UNCW surf club and started spending alot more time in the water. I have surfed in three ECWC contests, although I probably did a better job of making my competition look good than ever looking good myself!

Coming out to Hawaii has definitely helped my surfing by making me more confident in bigger waves. We logged over 220 days in the water during our first year here. One of the coolest things about living here is the huge variety of waves available. From the little peelers of Waikiki to the mountain known as Waimea, there is a great wave for every style of surfing. My favorite breaks on the island are Makaha because of it’s loooooong walls and a little spot called Rest Camp that’s like Waikiki without the crowds. Both these spots are on the west side of Oahu.

Overall, living in Hawaii is everything I had imagined and more. It definitely has a darker side whick I will get into later, but it is a paradise by every meaning of the word. I havent spent as much time in the water during the last six months as I would like to, because I was pregnant and now I have a beautiful two month old baby boy, but this is my kick in the butt to get back out in the water more and relay all I’m seeing and doing to all of you.

If there is anything specific any of you would like to know about Hawaii or about me, feel free to ask away! Until next time, aloha and mahalo (thankyou) for reading my blog!

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  1. We’re in Seattle now but when we come to Hawaii maybe you could show us a favorite spot or two?

  2. Definitely! When are you coming out here??

    MrsBeanApril 24, 2007 @ 2:56 pm
  3. hey, I am from Wilmington NC (born and bred) but I moved to Australia about 6 years ago and now am a permanet resident out here. I am going to Hawaii for the 1st time in Sept 10-15th (after I go back to NC july-aug to visit the folks) and then a bit later in the year with my partner (he’s aussie) NOV 8-28TH. I think it would be sic if we could meet up–u sound like a cool girl and we could always return the favor if u come out here!!! I live on the Gold Coast where all the famous waves like Snapper, kirra, burleigh heads, currumbin, etc are. I only started surfing when I first moved out here, but I surf everyday now and I think we would have heaps in common trying to go bigger waves!!! So I hope to hear from you! Thanks, Caroline

    caroline orliMay 13, 2007 @ 10:05 pm
  4. Hey Caroline!
    You are going to have such a great time out here, it’s a really fun place. There are lots of fun places to surf in the summer too, so you are coming at the right time. We should definitely meet up when you come out here. My son will be older than and Austin (my hubby) can watch him and we can get some fun waves. I’m not sure if it would work out, but mu neighbor is in the Army and shes deploying to Iraq and will be gone during the time that you’re here. Shes going to be leaving her apt. vacant, so if you are interested, i could ask her about letting you guys stay there. She may be willing to let you stay for free, or definitely for super cheap. My husband and I want to come out to Austraila in 2008, so I will definietly let you return the favor:) My dad grew up in Rainbow Beach in QLD; i’ve been out there once when i was really little, but I dont remember it all to well. We definitely want to come out there though. Whats you email add??

  5. Hey! That would be awesome if your neighbour wants to rent out her place while she is gone—we will definetly pay her as well. Where do you live exactly? Im so excited about going to Hawaii, its such a common stopover when flying to Oz but I’ve never been there. And you guys are welcome to come here, we have an extra room or we can tell u some good places to stay!! But the best way to see a place is with a local anyways. My boyfriend was born on the Gold Coast, I think Rainbow Beach isnt too far from here, a little further north. There is a place called Rainbow Bay right near where I live–but I think its different. well email me at anytime. We must keep in touch. Its so random too B/c I was only looking at this website to see about the east coast wahine surf contest they have in Wilmington in August and I saw your story. You actually look like a girl I used to go to school with! But I bet we might even know some of the same people, from UNCW. Im 24 by the way too. Well talk to you soon! see ya–caroline

    caroline orliMay 15, 2007 @ 2:05 am
  6. hey! I was just going to get your email address too so I can contact you closer to the time. Hope you are well–Caroline

    caroline orliMay 27, 2007 @ 2:15 pm

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