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Dog/Cat Food Rant

Well it’s time to speak out about the dog and cat food situation. Many of you know that Leigh and I have 2 dogs,4 cats,2 red eared slider turtles,and several goldfish. Luckily the fish and turtles aren’t affected by the bad food. We spend a little more money to feed our cats and dogs a high quality dry food,Nutro and sometimes Solid Gold. Nutro has been awesome,one of the cats suffered from a food allergy which caused hair loss and after being on the food for several months,her hair came back. The food works. I am really pissed off to know that the company we have trusted, has been purchasing indegredients from China,which doesn’t have the same laws as the United States. Now why in the hell would the company do this, knowing that China doesn’t have the same regulations? That is what angers me more than anything. We switched foods and now come to find out, that company buys wheat gluten from China too and has a voluntary recall of some of it’s products. Yesterday Quest,my big,old, stubborn Border Collie threw up and didn’t eat,nor did she eat today. She got into something nasty outside night before last and has been on antibiotics so I’m hoping that’s all it was. She hasn’t been herself today so just to be safe,I’m calling the vet tomorrow,now that I’ve seen the latest recall. Our younger,smaller dog Blue seems okay so far so I’m hoping Quest’s stomach is just upset.  In the mean time,I’ll be making dog food and I won’t be using anything from CHINA!

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  1. Hey Ocean-
    At least you can know you are not the only pet owner stressing out over this. It is pretty nuts. We feed our cats Innova- honestly I haven’t even looked if its been recalled…at least since they have updated the list. I don’t think it has grain in it at all, so I guess no gluten. Hope your doggie is okay!

  2. Thanks Anne, and I’m not even sure if the food contained wheat gluten. I got concerned after one of the companies issued a voluntary recall on some of the biscuits that had the gluten in them. I really think Quest grabbed a dead squirrel or something just as bad. Her vomit nearly made me sick! She looks better today. I’m still switching the dog food. I haven’t seen Innova on the list so your cats should be in the clear.

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