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California Wildfires

The Santa Ana winds are usually welcomed by California surfers as they bring offshore winds to the coast and warmer air temperatures- matched up with the mix of swells hitting rolling in right now, it’s making for some pretty nice surf conditions. There are a bunch of folks scoring waves, while thousands of others are fleeing their homes in Los Angeles and San Diego counties due to the massive wildfires that are only being fueled by those Santa Ana winds.  East Coast Wahine Championships founder, Tammy Zybura, who lives in Del Mar, California sent me an email this morning letting everyone know she and her husband Matt are doing fine…for now, but were told to stay home from work and off the highways. Let’s hope these fires get contained soon. The air pollution from the smoke is downright awful. Check out this photo Tammy sent of surf and smoke in Del Mar.


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  1. These fires look much worse than the ones we were in a few years ago, which were also pretty bad. Damn scary stuff.

  2. wow, thats insane, i can not imagine how scary it is to think your home might be taken by a wildfire, fire is among one of my biggest fears

    KristenOctober 23, 2007 @ 3:14 pm
  3. That’s really scary. My thoughts are with all of those affected by the fires.

  4. Any updates on Tammy and her husband?

  5. Hey all..MZ here, Tammy and I are doing great..we got the advisory call to evacuate but held tight since we’re close to the beach and figured if the fires got this far..then we’d just hit the water. Ironically it was top 5 surf day and we both got in the surreal.

    All’s well in San Diego County, over 600,000 were evac’d and close to 2,000 lost their homes. Many lost so much and our hearts go out to them. Glad you all or y’all were thinking of us.

  6. Thanks for posting Matt. I’m glad you guys survived and even got some waves! It looked epic.

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