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Billabong All Girl Surf Camp Series

Billabong Girls Beach Break 08
All-girls surf camp series

Learn to surf or push your surfing skills to a new level with Billabong!  Make a break for the beach and come out for a day of surf instruction, ocean safety, yoga and surfer nutrition lesson.  Meet some of the Billabong girl?s team of pro surfers who will be on hand to personally make sure you have fun and catch waves with style.
Billabong pro surfer Connie Arias will be attending the Virginia, New York, Flordia, and South Carolina camps. Team rider Keenan Lineback will be at the Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina camp and Longboard Champ Schuyler McFerran will be attending the Texas, and California based camp days. Coming all the way from Australia , surfer Paige Houden will be at the Huntington Beach, CA camp day.

Don’t miss your chance to attend one of these camps! Space in limited sign up now.

To see a list of locations and to register online click the link below.

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Gas Prices Keeping Surfers out of the Water

Will the price of gas keep you from entering the wahine? Something to think about…..this article is from the Associated Press and appeared on various news media websites.

Costly Gas Crimps Surfers’ Style, Roils Industry

Tuesday , July 08, 2008

For years, Chris Mauro took a 10-mile detour on his way to work each morning to check out the swells at his favorite surf break and plot the best location for his after work wave-riding.

But with gas now approaching $5 a gallon, Mauro recently cut out his daily ritual in favor of the savings.

He isn’t alone. The surging cost of oil has been a dose of reality for many surfers who have long thought of their sport, with all its sun-kissed lore, as a counterculture niche shielded from the pressures of mainstream America.

The industry depends on petroleum-based products to build and ship its boards. And surfers in search of the biggest waves have to dig deeper into the pockets to fill their gas tanks or book flights to the best breaks around the world, including far-flung places like South Africa and Tahiti.

“We all think about oil in our cars, but very few of us really consider the fact that every little piece of manmade equipment around you is oil-based, and surfing’s no different,” said Mauro, who’s seen the price of some surfboards double to $750 or higher.

“The price of a surfboard, it used to be something where it was pretty digestible. Now, it’s like, whoa, OK, I’ve got to put some serious thought into this.” Continued…

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Thinking of Lisa

I want to tell you about Lisa Andree and why I’ll be thinking of her this week. Recently diagnosed with a non-malignant brain tumor, Lisa will undergo surgery on July 3rd at Duke University Medical Center. 

Last year I had the joy of welcoming Lisa to the East Coast Wahine team. Lisa jumped in on our planning efforts for the 2007 East Coast Wahine Championships with gusto. She masterminded the Wahine Oasis tent. She found sponsors and was able to provide our competitors with lunch, fresh fruit, cold drinks, a massage therapist, and samples of sunscreen, Paul Mitchell hair care, and other goodies that were so kindly donated. Lisa also was a huge help with our annual surfboard raffle, which thanks to her also included a beach cruiser, hammock, and a pink flamingo. Lisa was willing to run errands all over town and still managed to work the event all weekend long.

Lisa has kept my spirits high in 2008 as I tried to step down as event director, yet found no one to take my place. She has helped me plan and organize and just stay sane as the event draws near. I was upset to hear the news of her brain tumor diagnosis just a few weeks ago. Lisa’s spirits are high and she is going into this with a very positive attitude. I hope you will all join me with sending thoughts, prayers, and healing energy to Lisa this week. She has a loving husband and two wonderful sons and a great community of friends to see her through, but I like to think our wahine community that is spread so far and wide could also help with just a little warm thought here and there.

(left to right: ECWC 2007 Team, Erin Whittle, Anne Weber, Lisa Andree)

Thanks wahines- I’ll keep you posted on Lisa’s recovery!

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ECWC Entry Forms are on-line

Entry forms for the 2008 East Coast Wahine Championships are now on-line. New this year- an Open Shortboard division for all ages. Slots go fast, so just click on the 2008 east coast wahine, print your entry form, and mail it in!

We also still need some folks to distribute posters, if you can spread some around your town, please send me an email with your mailing address,

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We need your help distributing ECWC posters

Aloha Wahines! If you would like to help us spread the word about the 12th Annual East Coast Wahine Championships we could use your help . We send you ECWC posters and you take them to your local surf shops, coffee cafe’s, local libraries, sports stores, wherever you feel would be a good match. Just send an email to with your mailing address and how many posters you need and we’ll send them via snail mail. Thanks so much- it’s volunteers like you that make the ECWC such a great event!

2008 ECWC Event Poster

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Save the Date- 12th Annual ECWC

Please mark your calendars for August 16-17th. The 12th Annual East Coast Wahine will be held in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. The event is open to girls and women of all ages and all abilities. More exciting news and updates soon….


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Stephanie Gilmore wins the Rip Curl Pro


BELLS BEACH, Australia (Monday, Mar. 24, 2008) – Reigning ASP Women’s World Champion Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) has defeated 2004 ASP Women’s World Champion Sofia Mulanovich (PER) to claim the 2008 Rip Curl Women’s Pro presented by Ford Fiesta in classic four-to-six foot (2 metre) surf at Bells Beach today.

Event No. 2 of 8 on the 2008 ASP Women’s World Tour, the Rip Curl Women’s Pro final was a repeat showdown of last year’s event, where Gilmore and Mulanovich squared off for the first time at Bells Beach. Today’s victory marks the second consecutive Rip Curl Women’s Pro win for Gilmore, who jumps from equal 9th to No. 2 on the ratings.

“I’d like to admit that that is probably the best performance I’ve ever put on in my career,” Gilmore said. “It feels absolutely amazing to ring the bell for a second time in a row. I really tried to brush off the first event and come down to Bells with a fresh head. We’ve had classic Bells conditions all morning, to be able to showcase your talent out in such good waves with just one other girl is an incredible thing.”stephgilmorewinsbells.jpg

Although Mulanovich held the lead for the majority of the final, Gilmore stroked into a solid Bells righthander with five minutes remaining, stylishly weaving through floaters and top turns to scalp the day’s high single-wave score of a 9.33 out of a possible 10. Gilmore took the lead and Mulanovich could not keep the Australian from claiming her second consecutive Rip Curl Women’s Pro title.

“I don’t know how I did that on that wave,” Gilmore said. “Sofia (Mulanovich) had been surfing so well all day and to come back from such big scores, it just feels amazing. I was feeling a bit nervous and I knew I needed a big score. My boards have been feeling good all week, so I just put everything I had into it, and it paid off.” Continued…

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Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach


The waiting period for the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach begins March 18th, which for those of us in the United States is tomorrow so get your picks in now. There is swell on the way so the contest will probably start tomorrow. The waiting period ends March 29th.
Melanie Bartels has withdrawn from this event so Claire Bevilacqua is available for your teams again. Mel Redman Carr makes returns to the WCT by way of Bells after the birth of her daughter. I’m steering clear of her for this event because I want to see if she’s in full on contest mode. My surf dogs team consists of Woods, Sam, Steph.,Amee, and Bevo. I’m skeptical of Bevo because she can be so aggro out there and is notorious for drawing interference calls. If I find out in time who the trials winner is, I may pick her if she’s a good one. I wish I had a way of squeezing Jessi on my team, I think she’ll do well. Layne will do well if her mindset is on winning. Sofia is another good pick. She’ll kill it if nerves don’t get the best of her. She had a great start with her win at Snapper. Let’s see is she can carry the momentum into Bells. Steph. will be looking for a win after getting taken down by the little grom last year at Bells. J.Silva is my dark horse pick for some decent points. She had a good result there last year.
As for who to stay away from: Karina and Nicola for now due to them being low key rookies and seeming to have a hard time with the competitiveness of the WCT.

As for the men’s, picking a team is a bit more difficult. There are 45 of them versus 17 women, plus the trials winners.
My surf dogs team is made up of Slates, Parko, Reyes, Kai, Ace, Luke M., Jordy, and Bottle.
I may trade Luke before all is said and done. I dumped Tommy Whitaker for Ace because Whits is so inconsistent, however,he will probably do well at Bells. LOL! The Fantasy Surfer site’s hot picks are Parko, Jordy, Mick F., Whit(if it’s big), Ben Dunn, Reyes, Neves, and Taylor Knox. Other guys to think about are Wills, Taj, Slater, AI, and Pancho.
Fantasy Surfer’s ‘Groundswell’ says to stay away from Neco, Mick Campbell, Tiago,Picon, BI,The Goods, Rodrigo, Travis, Jihad, Royden, Fred, Wardo, and Benny B. I agree with him!
Wardo has all those felony charges pending so I can’t imagine his head would be in the contest, not that it typically is. Freddy P. is just not surfing well, seems preoccupied, and the rest of them just lack the skills, or just don’t do well at Bells.
Good luck everyone!

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Sofia Mulanovich sits at number one!

mulanovich933roxygcsr_l.jpgCOOLANGATTA, Australia (Saturday, Mar. 1, 2008) – Sofia Mulanovich (PER) has won the 2008 Roxy Pro Gold Coast presented by LG, defeating fellow finalist Samantha Cornish (AUS) in clean three foot (1 metre) waves at Snapper Rocks.

The opening event of the 2008 ASP Women’s World Tour season, the Roxy Pro Gold Coast ran from Round 3 through the Final today with major upsets and inspiring performances enthralling the hundreds on the beach and thousands watching online.

Mulanovich, 2004 ASP Women’s World Champion and world runner-up last season, was in sensational form today, netting the day’s highest heat total of a 17.34 out of a possible 20 to combo Cornish in the Final.

mulanovich3272roxygc08kirstin_t.jpg“The final started out kind of slow, but I got a good score midway and from then on, I started pushing my surfing out there,” Mulanovich said. “My board felt really good out there and I when I caught that last wave, I knew that Sam (Cornish) was going to need a lot to catch me. So stoked.”

The Peruvian had yet to procure a solid result at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast in past seasons, but her victory today puts Mulanovich at the top of the ratings in the race for the 2008 ASP Women’s World Title.

“So stoked to finally get a good result here,” Mulanovich said. “I love the wave at Snapper, but until today, I hadn’t been able to get a result.  It’s a long season and I am off to a good start, but there are still so many good girls out there.  Steph (Gilmore) and Layne (Beachley) and so many others.  Samantha today surfed so well and I know she’s hungry for a win.” Continued…

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Fantasy Surfer 2008


It’s that time again! Trading has opened for both the men’s and women’s Fantasy Surfer. The grand prize is another boat trip for 2 and prizes will be given for the high score of each event so pick your team’s now! It’s fun and it’s free. Pick your 8 guys with your 50 million dollar salary cap and your 5 women with your 30 million dollar salary cap.
The first event is the Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast which is held at Snapper Rocks, a high performance right point break. The waiting period begins February 23 and ends March 5 and from what I’ve read Snapper was getting good again. However, with the recent storms, it seems the bank may have been washed away again so the contest may not be held at Snapper after all. I guess the Quick crew will have to do some scouting at other nearby breaks.Mick Fanning will be on hand to defend his title. Look for Joel Parkinson, Dean Morrison, and Bede Durbidge to give him a run for his money. The tour is going to be a little strange with several of the old guard having retired last season and a few of them failed to requalify so now they are back on the WQS Grovelfest. It will be interesting to see what the new young guns do. Will Jordy Smith wow us with his futuristic moves? Will Dane decide he really wants to compete and be patient enough to make two full turns for the points and then bust out some crazy moves? And then there’s Benny B. back on the tour. I’m anxious to see what he does. As usual, I’m pulling for my man Kelly Slater to grab number 9!
I’ll post my picks later, I’m still doing some research. Now let’s talk a bit about the women at Snapper. My number one pick this year is Stephanie Gilmore again. Whether she secures another world title this season remains to be seen, however, I’ll be carrying her on my surf dogs team all season. I’m also picking up Aimee Donahoe. She and Steph. both have that smooth flowing style that Parko has. I just love it! I’ll also hang on to the spit fire Sam Cornish. She’s a hard charger. I’m not sure about Layne yet. I hope she has a better season and I know she’ll be on one of my teams. She is still one of my favorites. She has done so much for the sport, I can’t help but have a soft spot for her and she is a powerful surfer. I just hope the young up and comers haven’t gotten the best of her. All in all, I think Layne will pull out some wins this season. She is probably sick of not being on the podium so I expect her to come out firing. As for Karina, I am going to wait and see what she does in the first contest before saying too much about her. I’ll miss Bevo and Chelsea and hope they come back for 2009. At least Bevo is the first alternate so we’ll probably see her in an event or two. Oh and Jessi, look for her to do big things this season. She’s another one I’ll probably pick up.
Good luck everyone!

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