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Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach


The waiting period for the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach begins March 18th, which for those of us in the United States is tomorrow so get your picks in now. There is swell on the way so the contest will probably start tomorrow. The waiting period ends March 29th.
Melanie Bartels has withdrawn from this event so Claire Bevilacqua is available for your teams again. Mel Redman Carr makes returns to the WCT by way of Bells after the birth of her daughter. I’m steering clear of her for this event because I want to see if she’s in full on contest mode. My surf dogs team consists of Woods, Sam, Steph.,Amee, and Bevo. I’m skeptical of Bevo because she can be so aggro out there and is notorious for drawing interference calls. If I find out in time who the trials winner is, I may pick her if she’s a good one. I wish I had a way of squeezing Jessi on my team, I think she’ll do well. Layne will do well if her mindset is on winning. Sofia is another good pick. She’ll kill it if nerves don’t get the best of her. She had a great start with her win at Snapper. Let’s see is she can carry the momentum into Bells. Steph. will be looking for a win after getting taken down by the little grom last year at Bells. J.Silva is my dark horse pick for some decent points. She had a good result there last year.
As for who to stay away from: Karina and Nicola for now due to them being low key rookies and seeming to have a hard time with the competitiveness of the WCT.

As for the men’s, picking a team is a bit more difficult. There are 45 of them versus 17 women, plus the trials winners.
My surf dogs team is made up of Slates, Parko, Reyes, Kai, Ace, Luke M., Jordy, and Bottle.
I may trade Luke before all is said and done. I dumped Tommy Whitaker for Ace because Whits is so inconsistent, however,he will probably do well at Bells. LOL! The Fantasy Surfer site’s hot picks are Parko, Jordy, Mick F., Whit(if it’s big), Ben Dunn, Reyes, Neves, and Taylor Knox. Other guys to think about are Wills, Taj, Slater, AI, and Pancho.
Fantasy Surfer’s ‘Groundswell’ says to stay away from Neco, Mick Campbell, Tiago,Picon, BI,The Goods, Rodrigo, Travis, Jihad, Royden, Fred, Wardo, and Benny B. I agree with him!
Wardo has all those felony charges pending so I can’t imagine his head would be in the contest, not that it typically is. Freddy P. is just not surfing well, seems preoccupied, and the rest of them just lack the skills, or just don’t do well at Bells.
Good luck everyone!

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