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Billabong Pro Maui: 3rd round

Billabong Pro MauiJessi

So there I was, stoked that the Billabong Pro Maui’s third round was finally running. The waves were beautiful and in the 5ft. range,some bigger. It looked so fun and warm! I caught the end of the 3rd heat where Jessi demolished Woodsy,then got to see KK back in action. She got Sofia so rattled that she couldn’t stay on her board despite making it out of some nice barrels. Too bad. Then it’s time for Steph’s heat against the retiring Rochelle Ballard. This is Rochelle’s last contest so I was stoked to get to see her surf in her last contest in her home state of Hawaii. Well the webcast goes down after Steph’s kick ass waves. Rochelle finally gets a nice one and that’s all I get to see. I was looking so forward to seeing Amee and Bevo’s heat too, especially with Bevo’s WCT hopes on the line. That heat would have been something to witness. They have both been surfing so well, it was no telling how that one could have gone.

Regardless, I was stoked to get to see KK surfing again. I miss seeing her on the tour. It would be so cool if she returned in 2008.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and read about the results later.

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