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Some of the pros and turkey

This came from the ASP World Tour news that I subscribe to. I’m working on 5 other blogs right now and just can’t seem to finish them. I’ll get the Women’s Fantasy Surfer up later today. We’re running out of time to make our picks for Sunset!

Let’s Talk Turkey

Well a “gobble gobble” to you too. With Thanksgiving approaching us this Thursday, and our seasoned pros scattered to the four corners of the Earth like dust to the wind, ASP tracked down a few members of the ASP World Tour to find out the who, where, what of their respective holiday plans.

Where will you be come Turkey Day?

Pancho Sullivan (HAW)
“I am very happy to say that I will be at home with my family here on the North Shore. I’ll be with my wide and my two children, Kirra and Kanekoa, my mom, my mom and dad, Uncle Howard, Hog and my cousin Kevin. We’ll just be hanging out together and being thankful for the man blessings in our lives; sharing a great meal together and watching a bit of football. I am thankful for the love of my family.”

Megan Abubo (HAW)
“Rochelle Ballard and I have a 12 year running Thanksgiving that we host with our friends, family and tour surfers at her house. I’ll be there with my family, Rochelle’s family and mostly Aussies from the ASP Women’s World Tour – haha. I’ll be making a turkey and a side dish. Rochelle makes a turkey too and we get people to do other things. I’m thankful for every blessed small detail in my life that allows me to be free and happy, and I’m thankful for my loved ones and good health.”

Jeremy Flores (FRA)
“I don’t know where I’ll be yet. I have a few options, but I think I might hang out with the Euroforce boys! I’ll be with my girlfriend Bruna for sure and probably Miky, Patrick, Tiago, Alain, Michel and the rest of the boys! We’re going to be eating so much food. I’m thankful for having a great life – I’m healthy, I can live for my passion (surfing) and I travel all around the world meeting and seeing so many great people and places!”

Layne Beachley (AUS)
“I tend to float around a bit for Thanksgiving, but I do always end up at Rochelle Ballard’s house with a plate full of gluten-free brownies. I’ll be with three quarters of the ASP Women’s World Tour. We’ll be eating, playing air hockey, ping pong and talking crazy stories until we all fall into a food coma. I’m thankful for everything – my life, my friends and family and my abilities.”

Damien Hobgood (USA)
“I’ll be in California with my family and my wife’s family. Usually, I’m in Hawaii during this time so this will be different than our normal Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for my family’s health.”

C.J. Hobgood (USA)
“I won’t have my fam with me as they get out the day after Thanksgiving so I’m not exactly sure where I’ll be, but I’ll probably be buzzing around like a bug from house to house. Right now, it’s Timmy Curran’s house as his lady Shanoa is going to do it up. I’ll definitely be feeding the girth. I am thankful for everything. My family for sure and all our health – everything is just icing.”

Chelsea Hedges (AUS)
“I’ll be on the North Shore of Hawaii at our Sunset Point house. I’ll be with my husband Jase, Sofia Mulanovich and her boyfriend Scott, Scott’s brother Brian, our friend Kate Bain from Roxy and a few others…and our new pet cat – we don’t know his name yet. Hopefully, the waves will be going off, then we’ll cool up a big feast and stuff our faces! Turkey, pumpkin pie…yummy! I’m thankful for getting to surf waves over 2 foot! Also my health, life, family and friends.”

Adriano de Souza (BRA)
“Now that I’m in Hawaii, I’ll stay with my friends and my girlfriend. I always try to organizer some dinner or barbeque. I’m thankful for God and for my family who always gave me support, and my friends.”

Ben Dunn (AUS)
“I’ll be home in Wallabi Point with my chick and my friends. We won’t be doing too much in Australia, we don’t normally celebrate Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my family’s health.”

Gabe Kling (USA)
“I’ll be in Hawaii with Zander Morton and the rest of the guys at the Matix house. Hopefully we’ll be getting some fun surf while everyone is feasting – the waves are supposed to be good. I’m thankful for having a healthy, amazing family and a great group of friends…and the Jaguars beating the Chargers!”

Claire Bevilacqua (AUS)

“I’ll probably be at the Volcom House at Pipe with the boys and girls from the team that are my Hawaiian family. I’ll be eating a lot and sitting back and watching the show while the boys eat like wolves. I am thankful for my healthy life.”

Kai Otton (AUS)
“I’ll be in Hawaii on the North Shore with all the boys. We’ll be playing touch football – state of origin. I am thankful for my life.”

Adrian Buchan (AUS)
“I’ll be on the North Show in Hawaii hanging with the Hurley crew at Log Cabins. I’ll also go to Jeff Bushman’s for a beer too. Hopefully I’ll be surfing some good waves while everyone’s eating turkey! I’m thankful for being able to make a living from surfing and having a great family and girlfriend.”

Stephanie Gilmore (AUS)
“I haven’t exactly decided where I’ll be yet. I know it will be somewhere on the North Shore though. I’ll probably be with my mates, the girls that live here. Rochelle and Megan usually have their full turkey lunch going with everyone over, so hopefully I’ll join in. I plan on eating myself stupid before eyeing off dessert! I’m thankful for good weather, good waves and insane friends all here in Hawaii.”

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