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Hi and welcome to Ocean’s Place, where the surf is always up even when it’s down. I’m stoked about the new site and I hope you are too. I’ll be loading you up with loads of Fantasy Surfer information, weather, surf forecasting, pro news,maybe some local stuff, along with some surf stories. Currently I reside in Wilmywood,NC, which makes for a good home base. It’s also the place where I got hooked up with the East Coast Wahines and competed in my first surf contest. I’ve been involved in the East Coast Wahine Championships ever since. Now I play medic at all the contests. I knew my EMT training would be good for something! 

  I’ve been bodyboarding for about 16 years now and I even have my own little surf camp called Carolina Surf Adventures where I teach people how to surf, along with educating them on the importance of taking care of our environment. Yep, I’m a conservationist and whenever I head out to catch some waves, I pick up trash on my way to the water. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand looking at the trash on the beach when I’m in the water. Expect some articles from me about taking care of Morther Earth and what you can do to help. For now I just wanted to post a quick introduction. Besides, Anne was going to kick my ass if I didn’t do this right away. lol

Stay tuned for a story about me being a winner of Red Bull’s Project Swell in 2005. I’ll also post my Fantasy Surfer picks for the Bells Contest and why I chose those particular surfers.

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  1. Thanks for posting! Can’t wait to keep up with your fantasy surfer stuff since I have yet to get involved… someday. Wishing you great days and better waves! – Rachel

    RachelMarch 21, 2007 @ 5:54 pm
  2. Sweet!

    RachelMarch 21, 2007 @ 5:54 pm
  3. Show me the Carolina Beach secret spot!

  4. HEHEH! As if CB has a secret spot. There are no secrets in the dirty south. Thanks Rachel. I think we are going to have a good time on here. I’m still waiting for the heat draws on FS.You can still sign up,it’s not too late.

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