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The East Coast Wahine Championships is sanctioned by the Eastern Surfing Association. Therefore we follow all rules and regulations of the ESA. To visit their site and for a complete list of rules, please visit http://www.surfesa.org. For the basics, please read below.

Surfboard size regulations- All Longboards must measure at least 9ft in length. For our youngest competitors, longboard must be at least 3 feet over your head. All Shortboards must measure no longer than 2 feet over your head.

Is this your first contest? You're probably wondering how it works. Well here's a brief rundown. We divide you into age and equipment divisions and then into six woman heats. The number of girls entering each division determines the number of preliminary heats, semi-finals, and a final. Preliminary, and semi-final heats last for 15 minutes, while final heats last 20 minutes.

Check the schedule and pay attention to what is going on! You must keep track of when you surf and check to see if the schedule has changed. Yes that can happen! It is your responsibility to be aware of these changes. They will be announced often and posted on the board.

Contestants will report to the Beach Marshal 10 to 15 minutes before their heat. Report to the Beach Marshal and receive a jersey. The heat begins with a horn blast and the raising of the green flag starts the heat. When there are only 5 minutes left in the heat, a horn will sound and the yellow flag will go up. At this time all contestants for the next heat should be checked in and ready for their heat. (** BE SURE to let the beach marshal know if you have a scheduling conflict such as being in two consecutive heats. In this event we will go to a brief red flag. A red flag signifies that competition is temporarily stopped. )

The head judge will decide whether we allow beach starts or water starts. If water starts are recommended, surfers will be able to paddle out for their heat at the five minute warning. They must sit outside the contest area and wai for the green flag before catching a wave.

Judging criteria-
Once your hands leave the board, it is considered a ride.

Surfers must perform committed, radical maneuvers in the most critical secions of the wave with style, control, power, and speed to maximize scoring potential. Innovative and progressive surfing will be takend into account when rewarding points for committed surfing.

Wave Count- Your top two waves are scored in the preliminaries. Catch no more than 10! In the Finals you are scored on your top three waves. Catch no more than 12! It is a good idea to have a family member or friend on the beach count your waves so they can help you remember.

Surfing Etiquette-
Briefly, good surfing etiquette means that the surfer closest to the peak has the right of way. Do not try and take off in front of a surfer already riding the wave and coming toward you. The competitor closest to the curl has posession upon catching a wave and completing a maneuver. Two competitors may go in opposite directions on the same peak as long as they don't cross paths of hinder one another. If two competitors at opposite ends of the contest area catch the same wave and ride toward each other, both gain wave. If the eventually meet the competitor who gained wave posession first on their respective peak shall have the right of way.

Interference may be called if you mess up someone's ride! Paddling out in the way of another competitor could also interfere. Never grab or touch another competitors board. Also board caddying is not allowed. If you lose your board, it is your responsibility to retrieve it.

Most importanly, remember to relax. This is fun friendly competition. There is plenty of time and plenty of waves. Good luck girls!!!